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The XIII Annual Meeting will be held in Pescara (Italy) on October 3-4, 2024The Meeting will be held in the historical building of Aurum (Pescara, Italy) and will comprise both a thematic symposium focused on dental biomechanics (“Challenges in dental biomechanics: innovative and advanced approaches”) and the general meeting.

The thematic symposium will focus on innovative and advanced approaches used in dental biomechanics with special attention on methods that can improve patient outcomes in the current clinical practice. Moreover, the field of dental implant materials is now looking for dynamic biomaterials that can adapt to stimuli from the living environment and thus the investigation of mechanical behavior of such materials is crucial. The thematic symposium will mainly encompass the following topics: mechanical behaviors of dental materials, including alloys, polymers, composites, and ceramics; computational methods on dental biomechanics; imaging and image processing for dental research and clinical practice; integration of artificial intelligence in dental biomechanics. In this thematic symposium, we aim to bring together dentists and researchers working on dental biomechanics, to share experiences, ideas, methods, and results.

The general meeting will cover experimental and computational approaches for the study of the pathophysiological behaviour of biomechanical systems. A broad spectrum of scales will be covered, ranging from the cellular, through the tissue, up to the organ scale. Medical devices and their interaction with living tissues will be also addressed. Moreover, new emerging topics in biomechanics such as data-driven healthcare and machine learning in biomechanics, humanoid robotics and mechatronics, in silico and in vivo clinical trials, and additive manufacturing for biomedical applications will be encouraged. Accordingly, a snapshot of state-of-the-art of biomechanics in Italy will be provided.

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Maria Laura De Bellis

Cristina Falcinelli

Alessio Gizzi

Marcello Vasta

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