ESB-ITA has been founded in 2011 to transfer on a national scale the general principles of the ESB.

These principles are:
– encourage, foster, promote and develop research, progress and information concerning the science of biomechanics, as well as to promote, initiate, sustain and bring to a satisfactory conclusion research with others and programmes of development and information in this particular field,
– to collaborate with other associations and bodies whose efforts are directed at the same objectives and whose interests are allied with or are similar to those of the Society itself,
–  to promote the propagation of scientific organizations, governmental and private bodies, both national and international, in order to establish specifications and standards for biomechanics in general,
–  to encourage progress in the field of the clinical applications of the science of biomechanics in all its aspects, including research, teaching as well as to foster any other activity pertinent thereto.

The by-laws regulating ESB-ITA are available for download.