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The Report of the meeting and the Book of Abstracts is available here!

The Solid and Fluid Biomechanics Group of Politecnico di Torino is delighted to announce that the XII Annual Meeting of the Italian Chapter of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB-ITA) will be held in Turin (Italy) on September 18-19, 2023.

The first day will be dedicated to the thematic symposium “Integrative biomechanics: advancing knowledge and technology from molecular to organ level”, while the second day to the advancements in the field of biomechanics in Italy.

Renowned international and national keynote speakers will deliver inspiring talks on frontier research and technologies in biomechanics.

The thematic symposium will focus on integrative biomechanics, which uses methods and tools in order to address fundamental and clinical problems throughout a multiscale approach, capable of considering the interaction of different scales of investigation.
In detail, integrative biomechanics entails the development of multi-scale and multi-organ, dynamic, interoperable, modular investigations, capable of accurately describing the individual patient patho-physiology, spanning different anatomical scales, from the molecular to cell, tissue, organ and systems level. Applications can range from the development of new biomechanical knowledge to the creation of cutting-edge technologies and approaches for health and wellbeing.

Best presentations of early stage and established researchers will be awarded.

Organizing committee co-chairs:
Claudio Chiastra
Marco A. Deriu
Diego Gallo
Diana Massai
Mara Terzini


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