ESB-ITA promotes excellence in biomechanics and supports young researchers by recognition of outstanding works with prestigious awards. All ESB-ITA young members are eligible for the awards!


ESB-ITA Master Thesis Awards 2021

The ESB-ITA announces 1 Master Thesis Award for Theses in Biomechanics presented and discussed between 1st July 2020 – 30th June 2021.

Instructions and eligibility requirements are:

  • The Master Thesis has to be discussed in the period 1st July 2020 – 30th June 2021 in an Italian University;
  • The candidacy has to be proposed from the Master Thesis Supervisor by sending via e-mail to (and in cc to
    • a brief summary of the Thesis (at most 2 pages);
    • a reference letter with a short presentation of the candidate from the Supervisor (at most 2 pages);
    • the pdf copy of the Master Thesis.
  • The deadlines for submission of the candidacy is July, 2nd, 2021.
  • The presenting Supervisor should be a ESB member in good standing at the time of submission.

Among all eligible candidatures, an Evaluation Committee will select at most 3 Theses to be presented during an online meeting to be held in September 2021. Based on these presentations, the best one will be selected by the Evaluation Committee. The award winner will be announced and awarded at the end of the online ESB-ITA meeting 2021.


In the past, the following awards have been given (only the first Author is indicated):

Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Presentation

IX Meeting ESB-ITA

  • ESB-ITA 2019 Best Oral Presentation: Emanuele Vignali (Fondazione Toscana G. Monasterio), Biaxial and optomechanical characterization of soft tissues: a novel setup and experimental tests.
  • ESB-ITA 2019 Best Poster (ex aequo):
    • Katia Capellini (Fondazione Toscana G. Monasterio), In-silico assessment of thrombosis risk: a CFD study of left atrium and left atrial appendage
    •  Pierfrancesco Gaziano (Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”), Numerical assessment of failure mechanisms in AFG dental treatments


  • ESB-ITA 2017 Best Oral Presentation Award : Dario Allegretti (Politecnico di Milano), Identification of NiTi Stent Material Parameters Through Surrogate-assisted Optimisation
  • ESB-ITA 2017 Best Poster Presentation Award: Elisabetta Monaldo (Università di Roma “Niccolò Cusano”), Computational multiscale modelling of fluid-structure interaction in arterial vessels: Tissue mechanics and WSS analysis

VI Meeting ESB-ITA

  • Best Oral Presentation: Alberto Gonzalez Garcia (Politecnico di Milano), Experimental/computational approach of the nuclear pore complex mechanics
  • Best Poster Presentation: Elena Cutrì (Politecnico di Milano), Biomechanical evaluation of skin lesions: a combined approach

V Meeting ESB-ITA

  • Best Oral Presentation: Giorgio Mattei (Università di Pisa), Decoupling the roles of stiffness and hydroxyapatite signalling in the osteo-differentiation of stem cells
  • Best Poster Presentation: Michele Marino (Leibniz Universität Hannover, DE), Homogenization methods for the multiscale constitutive description of soft connective tissues

IV Meeting ESB-ITA

  • Best Oral Presentation (sponsored by Simulia Italy): Luigi La Barbera, Preclinical evaluation of posterior spinal fixators: a parametric FEA on international standards

II Meeting ESB-ITA

  • Best Oral Presentation: Diana Massai (Politecnico di Torino), Innovative low-cost microgravity bioreactor for hydrogel-based regenerative medicine strategies
  • Best Poster Presentation: Elena Cutrì (Politecnico di Milano), Study of drug delivery dynamics in pediatric central venous infusion systems

Thematic Session Awards

IX Meeting ESB-ITA

  • ESB-ITA 2019 Best Thematic Presentation: Giulia Luraghi (Politecnico di Milano), Insights into patient-specific models of the Thrombectomy procedure


  • ESB-ITA 2017 Best Thematic Presentation: Mariia Dvoriashyna (Università di Genova), A mathematical model of fluid transport across the retinal pigment epithelium

ESB-ITA Thematic Symposium – Frontiers Biomechanical Challenges in Cardiovascular Physiopathology

  • ESB-ITA Young Researcher Award: Rodrigo Romarowski (Università di Pavia), A comprehensive framework for thoracic aortic endograft simulations: from virtual deployment to computational fluid-dynamics

Master Thesis Award

IX Meeting ESB-ITA

  • ESB-ITA 2019 Master Thesis Award: Anna Corti (Politecnico di Milano), An Agent-Based Model of atherosclerotic plaque development: toward a full coupling with a Computational Fluid Dynamics model


  • ESB-ITA 2017 Master Thesis Award: Martina Genta (Politecnico di Torino), Endothelial cells response to combined loading from flow and substrate deformation: A quantitative analysis

I Edizione Premio di Laurea ESB-ITA

  • Silvia Bonardelli e Amanda Inzoli (Politecnico di Milano), In silico analysis of an experimental model of coronary stenting: sensitivity of local fluid dynamics to micro-CT data processing