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The Biomechanics group in Bologna is delighted to announce that the IX Annual Meeting of the Italian Chapter of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB-ITA) will be held in Bologna (Italy) on the 30th of September and 1st of October 2019.

The Meeting will be held in the monumental context of the rooms and cloister of San Giovanni in Monte monastery (Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna), in the historical heart of Bologna. During the first day, we will have a great thematic symposium on In Silico Clinical Trialswith three invited outstanding international keynotes.  The general scientific meeting will cover the second day.  The best oral and best poster presentations will be awarded.  To promote participation of international delegates, presentations can be either in English or in Italian.

The increasing reliability and the improved performance of the computational model changed the approach to the Clinical Trials in the last ten years.  New drug treatments, new devices, new surgical techniques are tested through In Silico Clinical Trials with increasing frequency.  This offers a series of benefits and also some cons.  In this thematic symposium we will have a wide overview of the in silico clinical trials from the past with a sight to the future challenge with three outstanding key-notes, from the academia and from the industry.

The general meeting will focus on the state-of-the-art of biomechanics in Italy. The main topics will cover the musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and cardiovascular biomechanics explored with approaches based on experimental, computational techniques.  The dimensional scales will spread from the nano-cellular level up to the organ level.  Translational studies between engineering and medicine will provide an overview of the actual trend in the biomechanical field.

The new Executive Board of our Chapter will be elected during the Meeting!

Organizing committee:
Luca Cristofolini
Rita Stagni
Maria Cristina Bisi
Marco Palanca

Scientific committee:
Arti Ahluwalia; Alberto Audenico; Riccardo Bellazzi; Federica Boschetti; Angelo Cappello; Federica Caselli; Gerardo Catapano; Andrea Cereatti; Mario Cesarelli; Lorenzo Chiari; Christian Cipriani; Silvia Conforto; Andrea Corvi; Maria Laura Costantino; Giovanni Andrea Cutti; Paolo Dario; Marco De Tullio; Ugo Della Croce; Silvia Fantozzi; Beniamino Fiore; Diego Gallo; Katia Genovese; Alessio Gizzi; Emanuele Gruppioni; Eugenio Guglielmelli; Bernardo Innocenti; Marco  Knaflitz; Nicola Lopomo; Giovanni Andrea Magenes; Claudia Manfredi; Emanuela Marcelli; Diana Massai; Giorgio Mattei; Claudia Mazza; Arianna Menciassi; Silvestro Micera; Francesco Migliavacca; Umberto Morbiducci; Arturo Natali; Paolo Netti; Anna Pandolfi; Salvatore Pasta; Piero Pavan; Riccardo Pietrabissa; Manuela Raimondi; Roberto Raiteri; Alberto Redaelli; Giulio Sandini; Zimi Sawacha; Fulvia Taddei; Giuseppe Vairo; Pasquale Vena; Marco Viceconti.

Administrative coordination supported by Fondazione Alma Mater.